Al-Qalam (Pen Academy) is a learning centre that provides Quranic and Islamic studies to children and adults.

Our aim is to provide authentic Islamic education which will develop our students into becoming individuals who are conscious of God and His creation. Thus enabling them to fulfil their duties towards their Creator and be model citizens in their communities.

Al-Qalam (Pen Academy) was established in December 2006 to serve the needs of a growing young Muslim population in Colchester and its surroundings. Over the years, the Academy has developed and grown in to a vital organ of the Muslim community.

Al-Qalam is a non-profit organisation and is a registered charity. Al-Qalam is sustained through the tuition fees and by generous donations from the local community


We learn about Allah, God, who created and sustains all that exists, we learn how to pray salah, fast in Ramadan and all other acts of worship. We learn that our actions will be judged and we will have to answer to Allah about how we lived our lives.


Part of fulfilling our duties to Allah is to look after His creation; So maintaining family ties, caring for the weak and vulnerable, respecting the elderly, looking after the environment and obeying the law all become religious duties.

With a holistic study of Islam we believe students will not only benefit themselves but also the community at large; prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “The best of people are those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind.”.